Online Travel Agents – One of the Best Places to Find Spa Travel Deals

Spa travel deals are becoming more and more prevalent as everyday living costs escalate and we slump deeper into recession. This leads to bookings being down at day spas and resorts and bigger discounts being offered to you, the consumer.

When the Green Valley Spa and Resort in Utah noticed a slacking of in reservations they were quick to take action by implementing various promotions such as, bring a friend free or $700 off a stay in December. Alternatively you can book for next year or buy a gift certificate for a friend and still receive this reduction.

Most online travel agents and spas nationwide are offering deals and one of the best ways to stay in touch with what is on offer is to sign up for their newsletters. This way you will get to hear about special offers and big savings on spa travel deals that don’t appear elsewhere. So at least sign up for the newsletters on the following websites WaySpa, Spirit Vacation, Cruise Direct, and Orient Express to ensure you will be offered a wide variety of spa travel deals, wherever and however you are planning to travel.

Some websites offering spa travel deals allow you to sign up for spa or place specific newsletters. So give some thought to the places you would like to visit, or perhaps a favorite spa destination you have visited in the past. For me this means my favorite haunts in Arizona and Utah, Red Mountain Resort and Spa, and Westgate Park City Resort and Spa, but don’t worry if you don’t yet have a dream spa to speak about, or if you are planning to travel further a field, just visit Travelocity or Expedia to keep up to date with the latest spa travel deals.

Other ways to find deals include:

Scouting around for last minute deals. This is easy if you keep your list of websites bookmarked so that you can check regularly for spur of the moment bargains.
Packages are an excellent way to save money and often include fees, taxes and gratuities.
Ask if there are discounts for groups as the Green Valley Hotel Spa mentioned above is not the only spa destination to have offered two for one deals, and this is becoming commonplace.
You can also look out for mid week spa travel deals.