Travel Purses – Form and Function

Travel purses have come a long way. With the maturation and increase in travel the demand for accessories that are stylish let functional has dictated that manufacturers come up with designs that not only have purpose but fashion sense as well.

Purses used for travel are now almost indistinguishable from traditional purses. There are of course, very salient differences in their functionality but overall their look is still cool. One thing is for sure, if you travel a lot or a little you need to have a good purse.

The difference between a travel purse and regular purses is that travel purses seek to minimize clutter with a specific place for specific items. There is a pocket for your cell phone, a pocket for you compact, a place to put your credit cards and travel documents, etc. There is no room for unnecessary items.

The idea is to keep the purse as functional as possible and to stream line your use of its contents. Travel purses are also meant to be light and easy to carry so as not to fatigue the traveler. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than carrying around a bunch of heavy bags.

Another big difference between a travel purse and a regular purses is security. Most of these purses have security features built into them to thwart would be thieves. For instance the shoulder straps on some models are reinforced with wire. This is a great feature as the MO of a lot of purse thieves is to slice through the traps and run off with the purse.

Wired shoulder straps are not easily cut through. Another defense against slash through robbings is slash proof nylon purses. These are great for protecting your valuable purse contents. Nothing is worse than losing your purse while traveling especially outside of the country.

All the form and functionality of purses for travel doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable as well. All travel purses come in styles and colors that would make any fashionista proud. They are also made of all kinds of materials found in regular purses. They are also available in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

There are clutches, over the shoulder bags, even backpack convertibles. Whatever your travel need are there is a travel purse to fit your personal preference. Form and function can all be had with today’s styles of travel purse. Travel safe and look great doing it.